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National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

February 25 to March 3, 2019

Dianna Chillo partnered with Natasha LaVolpe on innovative and fun ways to explore eating disorder awareness during NEDA 2019.

BMI Chart - recreated!

In this video we tackle  weight stigma surrounding BMI and how people are put in weight categories and judged based on this chart.  We recreated the BMI chart in this short film.

Hudson Valley NEDA walk

In this video we are highlighting the Hudson Valley NEDA walk. Our team, Recovery Strong raised close to $2000 and the Hudson valley as a whole, close to $8000. We hope to get more people at this year’s walk.

Body Acceptance

Honoring Our Reflections

In this video we explore the struggle with eating disorder recovery in our culture to see beyond the physical as we are inundated with messages about weight loss and the thin ideal. In the video you will meet Dianna Chillo, Natasha LaVolpe, and 5 other young women in recovery. We all have had eating disorders and are at different stages of recovery but each person felt able enough to make themselves vulnerable at the point they are at in their recovery to participate.  As a therapist , Dianna is acutely aware of readiness to participate in such projects. This is clearly a small demographic of the many different people who struggle however everyone’s stories and journeys deserve attention and these young women were so happy to participate and celebrate their success.

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